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JOINTTOP Customers’ Feedbacks
  • MV UTASHUD Management Team

    From July 10, 2022 to August 12, 2022, MV UTASHUD was repaired in Zhoushan Longsheng shipyard. During the whole repair period, Jointtop superintendent completed a lot of work on the ship, showing that she was a high-quality expert, with a high level of Russian, diligence and responsibility, and finally contributed to the timely completion of the ship.

  • Techincal Department Cost Management Chief Engineer Данильченко Т. И. of DOBROFLOT Far East

    In the name of our company, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Jointtop and all your experts who participated in the repair of the ship "Vsevood Sibirtsev"!

  • Deputy Technical Manager Заместитель технического директора of JSC “TRANS WIND FLEET”

    On behalf of JSC “TRANS WIND FLEET”, I would like to express my gratitude to you for organizing and repairing the "Asian Crystal" at Shanhaiguan shipyard. Especially the work of your superintendent, who is a very excellent expert. He has played a decisive role in the DD process. As the ship owner's representative, I think he is a high-level expert. It's easy to work with him and can solve all the problems in the repair process.
    I have repaired ships in Chinese shipyards for many times, and I think your representative is a leader in the field of ship repair.
    We look forward to continuing our fruitful cooperation with you. If I can continue to work with him in the future, I will be very grateful.

  • Superintendent Репетун Юрий Павлович of А О «КОРЯКЭНЕРГО»

    Thanks for your efforts of drydocking the " ARSENYEV" ship!
    This year's drydocking was extremely difficult. Under the condition that the shipyard work was so terrible, we were able to successfully complete the drydocking together.
    Special thanks to the Captain and Chief engineer of the " ARSENYEV" ship, thank Jointtop superintendent team! It is because of their work on site that the drydocking was completed and good results were achieved!!!

  • Fleet Manager Литвенцов С. В. of Prime Shipping LLC

    On behalf of "Prime Shipping LLC", I would like to thank your company for organizing and completing the repair of "KORE" ship. The repair is completed on schedule and within the budget and no any comment.

    I hereby would like to express my special thanks to Jointtop superintendents for their support and effective work in the drydocking.

  • Superintendent Гуляев А.С and Captain Волков С.Л. of PRIMORYE

    Superintendent Гуляев А.С and Captain Волков С.Л. of PRIMORYE on behalf of "Nayada" would thank Jointtop and your superintendent  for his professional and responsible solution to complex and urgent problems in the repair process.At the same time, I would like to point out that he has excellent personal qualities, polite and appropriate to the "PRIMORYE" crews, with empathy, well measured, patient and thoughtful.We look forward to long-term and fruitful cooperation with you and your superintendent in the future.


    On behalf of the crew of the " GENERAL KRIVONOS" and in my own name, I would like to thank the members of Jointtop site team for completing the repair of the ship. Their conscientiousness, responsibility, flexibility and efficiency in solving problems in the repair process are commendable. At the same time, we would like to express our gratitude to the leaders of Jointtop for the support given to the crew during the long-term berthing of the ship in the yard.
  • POSEIDOON-SHIPPING Technical Manager В.Винниченко

    Please note that the members of Jointtop site team gave us and the crew of the ship " ULISS" great help during the repair in Shanhaiguan shipyard. Despite the objective difficulties, through the joint efforts of the project team and the crew of " ULISS", the ship was able to complete the special survey and repair of RS inspection.
  • Founder and business development director of LODIYA corporation

    Thank you for the fruitful cooperation between our two companies. We highly value your service. We will try our best to provide all-round help and abide by the terms of the contract.I hereby would like to thank Jointtop site team for their very good organization and repair of MV FRIO ANTWERP and MVTAMBOV. Please reward the Jointtop superintendents. Their great contribution to the project and high professional quality have enabled the two ships to complete the repair in the shortest time and continue the cargo transportation in time.
  • Superintendent Филюк Игорь of SASCO

    Today, I talked with the fleet executive manager of the company. He asked me to convey my thanks to Jointtop project team. Thank them for their prompt arrangement for the repair of the MV KUNASHIR and their efforts in the process of ship repair.
    I also want to express my gratitude to them. The Jointtop supervisor have worked very hard and have been supervising the repair works on board. When there are controversial problems, they can try their best to solve them in time. And also try their best to help the crew both personally and in daily life.
  • SASCO General manager Pavlov A.A.

    We sincerely thank you for organizing and completing the repair works of “SASCO AVACHA”and“KUNASHIR” in such an extraordinary period. We especially appreciate the professionalism of your experts, the methods and flexibility in solving unconventional problems. I believe that we will maintain and develop the friendly and cooperative partnership we have formed and will continue our long-term cooperation. I wish all the staff of your company good health and good luck. I wish your company a bright future and a prosperous future.
  • SASCO Executive manager of superintendents Alexander Burik

    I hereby express my gratitude to Jointtop for the professionalism in repairing "KUNASHIR" and wish Jointtop continued prosperity and development. I hope our two companies can continue mutually beneficial cooperation in the future!
  • Collective Farm Fishery by V.I.Lenin Chairman and Chief superintendent

    The mamagement team thanks Jointtop and Longsheng shipyard for completing the repair of " NOVOSYOLOV " in the shortest time.

  • The captain and crew of NOVOSYOLOV

    The captain and crew of NOVOSYOLOV express their sincere thanks to you for completing the repair of the ship and taking care of the crew's daily life during berthing.
    First of all, I wish you good health, happy family, safe and smooth, and every success in business. I would like to pay special praise to Jointtop superintendents.
    Please cherish and thank you again for your service and concern.
  • Captain of SOCOL 10

    The crew of SOCOL 10 and the representative of Navis shipping expressed their gratitude to Jointtop superintendents for their good cooperation. Although working together for a short time, we have carried out fruitful and efficient cooperation.In the whole process of repair, you have shown the high quality and high level of expertise. In particular, you can solve complex problems quickly and timely. I wish you new achievements in your professional field and all the goals you have set. It's a great pleasure to work with you. 

  • Captain of “SEA VICTORY”

    Appreciate Jointtop superintendent and your esteemed company. Thanks for his excellent and professional work, dedicated cooperation and efficient solution to problems during ship repair and DD.Looking forward to the future cooperation with your esteemed company, I wish you every success in the New Year!

  • Captain and crew of "NEKSU"

    The captain and crew of "NEKSU" express  thanks to the PM of Dalian Jointtop Marine Engineering Co., Ltd., for his professional help in organizing repairs and for his efficiency in solving all problems.
    We look forward to further deeper cooperation. Best wishes to Jointtop for a prosperous development and higher achievements.
  • Capt. Oleg Kokin of the m/v “SIDIMI”

    We, undersigned, Master and crew of the m/v “Sidimi”, certify that JOINTTOP engineer  during repairmen of m/v “Sidimi” was cooperative, competent, experienced and shows good knowledge of the repair works, quickly settling all problems arisen during of dry docks. His working ability, knowledge of Russian language is very good.

  • Captain of MV SEA VICTORY

    In the name of the crew of the "Victoria" (formerly known as "POSYET"), I would like to express my special thanks to Jointtop Superintendents . Thanks for their help during the DD and repair of our ship. All the crew members are very grateful to them and Jointtop.Hope to continue to cooperate with you.
  • Superintendent Orlando Allimant of UltraShip ApS

    In connection with previous message, we want to use the opportunity to recognize all the good support from your side and Jointtop site team during Ultra Tolhuaca DD period;

    1. Keeping every day a very good and fluent communication & reporting with the Office and crew

    2. Good coordination and speed to attend new requirements from Office or Vessel side

    3. Professionalism to control all jobs in complete in good quality along with good planning with Shipyard and Class Surveyor

    4. Great capacity to include new jobs and manage into same scheduled period with same good quality

    All the above is really appreciated and as conclusion UltraShip ApS is very happy in all respect with the result of this drydocking period and we are looking forward to keep our mutual cooperation in the future.


    Thank you for your cooperation during the repair of "KAMCHATSKIY PROLIV" at China .We would like to thank you for your professionalism in engineering, your continuous and strict control of ship engineering, your kind help to the crew (24 hours) and timely and orderly solving all problems in the repair process.
    We will always remember the wonderful memories of working together.

  • Captain of Leyide-7

    "Leyide-7" DD has been completed. On behalf of the crew, I would like to express my appreciation to JOINTTOP'S PM . They have given effective cooperation and help in the process of DD, and fulfill their responsibilities properly, professionally and conscientiously. Special thanks to the support given under the epidemic conditions.
  • Captain of MV Elduga

    I hereby express my appreciation to JOINTTOP‘s PM for his works during the repair of the Elduga. He is a very competent expert with deep understanding of ship structure, mechanism and repair methods. His Russian skill is also very high. In terms of personal accomplishment, we should appreciate his sense of responsibility, seriousness, communication ability and sense of humor. He offered the utmost assistance to the crew during the quarantine.

  • Captain of MV NARVA

    The crew of “NARVA”, would like to express our gratitude for Jointtop superintendent's excellent performance in his work, the conscientious, responsible and dedicated work attitude, as well as his understanding and selfless help in solving crews' personal request.

  • Management Of MV TAKO MARU 58

    During the whole process drydocking, The technical superintendent from Jointtop China, worked on the ship all the time. We would like to commend him for his professionalism in his field. He is proficient in Russian and has strong ability. We would praise Mr. Wang Jian for his sense of responsibility and enthusiasm, and his readiness to help us with his excellent personal qualities under any circumstances.
  • Captain of MV DUKAT

    The management of m/v “DUKAT” would like to express the highest thanks and deepest appreciation to Jointtop superintendents for their excellent performance during the ship-repair and mutual understanding.

  • Captain of MV OSTROV RUSSKIY

    During the whole process drydocking, Jointtop team has been working very well, actively and effectively. Please praise the site team. Both on site work and in daily life, the team can solve the problems efficiently.

  • Management Of MV UTASHUD

    During the whole process of drydocking, Jointtop project personnel have been working on board all the time. Hereby we would like to point out that the technical team's skills, excellent Russian speaking and professionalism have contributed to the completion of repairs on schedule. We hope Jointtop leaders would consider rewarding the above mentioned personnel. 
  • MV ZALIV AMERIKA Captain Вьюшин С.Г.

    ZALIV AMERIKA ship repairs were successfully completed. I am very grateful for the help of the project managers from Jointtop. Especially commend them for their loyalty, decency and competence in meeting some difficult and controversial issues. They were eager to pursue solutions to the problem and won praise from the shipyard. The ship's scheduled sailing was inseparable from the efforts of the project personnel.Thank you very much for this pleasant cooperation and look forward to working with you again.

  • Mr. Mahir Avcioglu From KAPTANOGLU

    Additional thanks during the our shipyard period for kind assistance and cooperation. Mentioned person actually can not be evaluated as a points/degree (10) due to the excellent characters.

  • Captain of MV Valda S. PUZYREV

    On behalf of all the members of the ship, I would like to express our gratitude to Jointtop team for their excellent work.During the whole repair period, they worked rigorously and conscientiously, with rich and professional knowledge of ship repair. They always got along well with ship crew, and provided a lot of supports. We do hope to cooperate with them again for next opportunity.
  • Tenera LTD Technical Manager Мakhovsky Vladimir

    During APKAHM 5 drydocking, JOINTTOP superintendent had excellent performance. Since 2009, he had grown up to a professional ship drydocking and repair expert, he is a person of self learning, hard working, fair minded and research on technical difficulties, all of which has gained Owner representatives good understanding and shipyard counterparts' respect. Sincerely hope we can keep the long term cooperation and JOINTTOP will have more and more such experts.

  • MV Pregolskiy Superintendent Gusev V.N.

    It was my first time working with JOINTTOP superintendents team during MV Pregolskiy drydocking. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to JOINTTOP superintendents for their excellent works, elaborate project organization and construction, and the good cooperation with the ship crew. In addition, the ship spare parts supplies were also on time. If I may, please give my praise to JOINTTOP superintendent team. And I would also express thanks to the shipyard for their good cooperation and works. MV Pregolskiy drydocking is such a big and complicated project, the above personnel has furnished it efficiently and high quality. We do hope to work with JOINTTOP and MV Pregolskiy on site superintendent team in the near future..

  • MV Frio Agates Captain HaHam. A.

    JOINTTOP superintendent team has been working hard on MV Frio Agates  drydocking, they have offered good services for the ship crew during the repair and also good support on daily life.

  • MT Nord Captain Karpov. A. A

    On behalf of MT Nord tanker Captain and the crew, we would like to express our appreciation to JOINTTOP Marine Engineering (Dalian) Co., Ltd. superintendents' excellent services and work. Since the beginning of MT Nord tanker arrival in the shipyard, JOINTTOP superintendents had actively organizing all the repair works and utmost helped out all the ship crew during the dry docking. Due to their professionalism and hard working, this drydocking and repair had been well furnished in high quality.

  • MV Yaroslav Mudryy Captain Igor Rossoshinskiy

    Special praise on JOINTTOP superintendent team of their professional skills, excellent Russian speaking and hard working attitude. In the meaning time, they are quite experienced and solved all the problems independently.

  • MV Oleg Tavolzhanskiy Superintendent Y.Kasyanyuk

    We hereby appreciate JOINTTOP well furnished of  MV Oleg Tavolzhanskiy drydocking project. We do recognize JOINTTOP experts excellent site works and their hard working style on our common business, which would also encourage our next dry docking project contract.

  • MV Alexander Kashchuk All Ship Crew

    On behalf of MV Alexander Kashchuk , we would appreciate JOINTTOP superintendents. Thanks for their great help during the ship drydocking (assistance on ship crew local communication, and never abandon us when the ship laying in the anchor at our difficult times and also the works on the ship.)

    All the ship crew sincerely appreciate your great contribution on our ship and wish JOINTTOP people a happy New Year of 2017. Best wishes for the JOINTTOP great future and good results of all employees. Also hope both of our companies will cooperate much closer in the near future.

  • MV Ministr Ishkov Captain Stichkovitch Vasily Mikhailovich

    Much appreciation on JOINTTOP great attention on our ship. JOINTTOP has dispatched experienced engineers and young professionals for the ship drydocking. We do appreciate JOINTTOP good understanding and endurance during the dry docking and repairs. We wish JOINTTOP to be prosperous and very glad to work with you and hope to cooperate again next time.

  • FESCO Procurement Planning Director Vladimir Starchev

    Both of our companies had been working for such a long term. Every cooperation makes us to be sure that JOINTTOP is a reliable partner.

  • MV Anatoliy Larin Captain and Chief Engineer

    JOINTTOP engineer has well organized the repair project during our ship discharging at port. His fully responsible of organizing and monitoring the repair quality and speed which has ensured the project well furnished in such short time. He has left us very good impression and should be praised for it.