Jointtop Platform Accelerates The Repair Of Burned Ship

The ship was damaged by fire on main engine and turbo charger. The main engine control panel was completed burned out. Main engine safety wire and control switch were severe damaged, engine room power and control wire and box were completed burned out. Can this ship be fully repaired or worth for repairing? The Owner has no idea, but the Owner prefer this ship type which is rare in the market. It would be a surprise if the ship can be well repaired as before.

As soon as the ship entered into the yard, JOINTTOP superintendent team rapidly organized related personnel to check the ship condition on site, coordinating with plenty of professional Makers to fix up the repair schedule. After multiple sophisticated checking and planning, the repair works started in the shortest time.

During the repair, based on JOINTTOP wide supplier and subcontractor network, the repairs cost had been lower controlled and also well guaranteed repair quality and work duration.

It was Chinese New Year when the ship entered into the yard. Shortage of man power and material were major problems. JOINTTOP superintendent team sophisticated planned the whole project. First, delivery the removable parts into the work shop and check before the New Year Holiday. Major parts were all fixed for procurement before the holiday to save the delivery time. Then, assisting the ship crew to make the self-repairing items during the holiday to save time.

The main recovery works are: [before and after]

Comparison photo of main engine control console before and during repair.

Comparison photo of main engine control console remote control wire before and during repair.

Comparison photo of main engine turbo charger connection before and during repair.

Comparison photo of engine room hoist before and after repair.