Successful completion of the first EGCU & BWMS retrofit project

In May 2018, Jointtop contracted two IMO II tankers from UAE owner. Two vessels were delivered to Jointtop nearly at same time with days of interval. Due to wide scope of repairs, labor force and shipyard resources were very high demanding. Meanwhile Q2 is always high seasons of repairs in China, thus all above factors had made the whole repair process more complicated.

44 tanks, including C.O.T and slop tank, totally about 60,000 square meters, were carried out tank coating works, which were 100% SA 2.5 grit blasted and applied zinc coating. As a new paint variety, the applying procedure as well as quality control are very strict. There are very few painters qualified for the job allover China, and Jointtop has managed to command nearly half of them.

As normal schedule, similar project requires minimum 35-40 days of working. Early preparations was made by Jointtop, and key points were controlled during working, Jointtop team worked more than fourteen hours per day, following up all works onsite. They coordinated all the relevant parties effectively; in particular, backup by close cooperative relationship between Jointtop and shipyard, priority was given to the projects in arrangement of labors and resources. Consequently the coating work for the two vessels has been competed within 32 days and 30 days individually, which has been highly commented by the owner.

In addition, both vessels were also pre-installed scrubber and BWTS, except the main unit. Major work covers over 2000 meters of pipes, 4 deck house, 14 tanks modification, and more than 10,000 meters of cable laying. Pipes were mostly PE coated in professional outsourced workshop. Actual piping arrangement differ from design, and Jointtop team went deep into the site and found most optimized solutions, by giving suggestions to  superintendent and designer, showing outstanding professional skills and experiences. Additionally the repairs were coupled with Main engine, auxiliary engine, pumps, motors, bridge equipment, main deck & accommodation painting etc., and attending DNV-GL sueveyor with over 20 years’ experience, was surprised to witness such wide range of works completed within such short time frame.

The repair of the two ships was completed with high satisfaction from owner. Now the third sister vessel was delivered for same job, and the fourth sister vessel will be delivered very soon.