Owner's Benefits Are Also JOINTTOP's Benefits

In May 2017, JOINTTOP received one drydocking project of container liner ship “PIRA BHUM” from Thai Owner RCL. After on site check, the ship cargo holds steel works were twice as original repair list, and double bottom oil tank needed oil transfer and cleaning, the total jobs were also doubled. However, the Charter had already confirmed the chartering contract with the Owner, which means the ship must be redelivery from the yard as original schedule, otherwise the Owner would be facing a default penalty.

JOINTTOP as long term partner with the Owner must protect the Owner’s benefits. JOINTTOP superintendent team communicated with the shipyard and double check the works and made sophisticated repair plan. In order to furnish the repair plan, the shipyard furnished sufficient labor and 24 hours continuously work. JOINTTOP superintendent team was responsible for the supervision, and ready to solve all the problems. All the Class inspected items are strictly controlled by JOINTTOP to make sure one time pass and emergency plan for rain and force majeure.

Finally, due to all related parties close cooperation, proper arrangement and good order of works, redeliver the ship to the Owner in good quality and on time and avoid the penalty and protect Owner’s benefits.