20+ Shipyards Network

Shipyard network of JOINTTOP, which spreads throughout Chinese coastline, enables to allocate all types of ships, repairs, shipping routes, tonnages.

Since 2016, JOINTTOP became the largest shareholder of Zhoushan Longsheng Ship Industry Co., Ltd. With advanced management mode as well as philosophy of customer focusing from JOINTTOP, efforts are made to shape Longsheng as distinctive base for ship repairs in China. Longsheng is geographically located at Zhoushan Islands, adjoining main international navigation channel, and has superior resources of deep water front, navigation channel, anchorage and shore lands. Major facilities in Longsheng include two drydocks and four wharfs, with annual repair capacity over 100 projects. Longsheng can accommodate various types of vessels up to 57,000 DWT, and is adept in fishing vessels, engineering vessels and public service vessels, which will be an enhancing repair base for JOINTTOP. Boutique Longsheng, First Choice for Shipowner.

200+ Equipments Suppliers & 100+ Subcontractors

As a professional supplier for ship equipment and spare parts, JOINTTOP can provide you wide range of products, from anchor & chains, wires & ropes, propellers, engine spares, to BWMS, main & auxiliary engines as well as offshore containers. JOINTTOP supply team is ready to offer you various products and professional solutions.


JOINTTOP dedicates on newbuilding in China for Owner and also resale brokerage services to provide good service and professional solutions